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Polonceau Railway Carriage

The installation combines a rare carriage named after a French engineer Camille Polonceau with a multi-screen video wall moving along. The video demonstrates inner space of a private premium carriage used by prominent Soviet officials. Historically accurate shooting is combined with CGI. Video content is accurately synchronized with video wall movement, so that a physical carriage standing next to a visitor a provides a glance at one of historical episodes that may have happened inside.

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Santa Caterina

The convent of Santa Caterina is a restricted historical area, located in the heart of Treviso, which had many critics, both functional and structural. The project was divided into three phases, which have led to a new system of access and enjoyment of the entire complex, through different strategies: the inclusion of services to support international exhibitions, the reorganization of museum itineraries, the rearrangement of some wings according to the box in box principle, the restoration of fine parts, the reopening of the underground hall and the redefinition of the entrance volume.

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Kuss are sound absorption panels designed to bring calmness into homes, open offices and any other public spaces by absorbing the excessive noise. Panels are made out of ecological and non-toxic composite by using organic rich lake sediments, sapropel as a binder, mixed with natural fibres. The extraction of sapropel helps to improve the quality of freshwater resources and lake ecosystems. By using the extracted sapropel in design production, both the noisy city environment and the ecosystem of a lake are improved.

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Eco Ocean

Eco Ocean frames are made from recycled ocean plastic, because plastic has no place in the ocean. Eco teamed up with the NGO Waste Free Oceans to source old ropes from the maritime industry found in the ocean and on shorelines. The waste material is shredded and molded into pellets which in turn are injection molded into frames. The collection consists of bold yet easy-to-wear frames. They are lightweight and super comfortable with a smooth, matte finish in ocean-inspired shades. Each frame comes in a case made from recycled PET fabric.

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Out Of Sight

The aim of this project is geared towards the local residents of Friars Island, in Brazil, paying attention to their needs and considering the bucolic environment and lack of public resources, in order to ensure basic services to the citizens. With the support of local political movements, it is proposed the insertion of forty two containers to attend two local necessities: a dance school, which used to operate in adjacent spaces to the neighboring church, and three emergency social housings, keeping in mind the need for a quick and accessible construction inserted on the location.

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Olive is a wiki site that gathers and shares practical knowledge during a disaster. The project was named Olive, derived from the letter O (an emblem of the Japanese national flag) + Live (to live on). Ideas were quickly gathered with help from worldwide, on how to build necessities to survive in affected areas without the supplies. It achieved over one million page views within three weeks. It is still expanding today as a database of disaster countermeasures using collective intelligence.

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