Office Space:c&c Design Creative Headquarters by Zheng Peng

Zheng Peng Discloses The C&c Design Creative Headquarters Office Space

Zheng Peng, the thinktank behind the displayed work C&C Design Creative Headquarters by Zheng Peng demonstrates, The creative headquarters of C&C Design is situated in a post-industrial workshop. Its building is transformed from a red-brick <Cropped>

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How to Get Your Designs Published At Printed Magazines

Learn How to Pitch Local Media, Editors and Print Publications to Get Your Designs Published

This article, presented by DesignPRWire explains how to pitch local media, editors and publications to get your designs published in traditional media in 20 simple steps. Step 1 starts by visiting a newsstand, a magazine kiosk or the magazine section <Cropped>

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Dynamic Monitor Arm by Tijs Horn

Tijs Horn Illustrates The Viewlite Plus Dynamic Monitor Arm

Tijs Horn, the author of the awarded work Dynamic Monitor Arm by Tijs Horn explains, The ViewLite Plus dynamic monitor arm is a unique product. Instead of using a conventional height adjustment mechanism based on either a coil spring or gas strut, it <Cropped>

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Jcb Project 120

Design a Jcb Backhoe Loader For The Year 2073. The Operation of The Machine, The Environment It Works in, Extra Functions, Energy Sources, Materials, Technologies, Style and Design-is Down to You!prizes. 1st Prize £2, 000, 2nd Prize £1, 000, 3rd Prize

Design a jcb backhoe loader for the year 2073. the operation of the machine, the environment it works in, extra functions, energy sources, materials, technologies, style and design - is down to you!Prizes. 1st prize £2,000, 2nd prize £1,000, 3rd p <Cropped>

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Flowing Arcs by Sun Hyang Ha

Sun Hyang Ha Discloses The Flowing Arcs Ring

Sun Hyang Ha, the creative mind behind the displayed work Ring:Flowing Arcs by Sun Hyang Ha explicates, This ring is designed to challenge the conventional concept that most rings are round. Consisting only of arcs that flow in a continuous line, it <Cropped>

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Dry Powder Inhaler (dpi):nexthaler® by Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a

Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a. Portrays The Nexthaler® Dry Powder Inhaler (dpi)

Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a., the thinktank behind the displayed work Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) by Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a. says, NEXThaler® is a new dry powder inhaler designed to be more effective and efficient than current dry powder inhalers avai <Cropped>

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Award Winning Couples Lamp

Ekaterina Elizarova Creates The Couples Lamp

Ekaterina Elizarova, the designer of the displayed design Award Winning Couples Lamp says, The “COUPLES” lamps is a result of a collaboration with the famous ceramic brand Bosa. Each lamp is hand made from natural materials. Clear shape and a lux <Cropped>

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2014 Franz Award

The Franz Award Is An International Porcelain Design Contest Established in 2007. We Aim to Provide a Platform For Young Designers Around The World to Meet and Gather Creativity and Inspiration. Organized by 2014 Franz Award Project Team[call For Entries

The franz award is an international porcelain design contest established in 2007. we aim to provide a platform for young designers around the world to meet and gather creativity and inspiration. Organized by 2014 franz award project team[call for ent <Cropped>

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Define Design

Join The Discussion and Tell Us How You Define Design by Taking Part in The Design Encyclopedia Project

Design has many definitions, but folks at the design encyclopedia project are more interested in your definition of design. Share your insights and in depth knowledge by defining design. The design encyclopedia project is a hybrid of wikipedia and ur <Cropped>

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Certified Flavour Standards by Lucy O'brien & Duncan Shotton

Lucy O'brien & Duncan Shotton Reveals The Aroxa Certified Flavour Standards

Lucy O'Brien & Duncan Shotton, the architect of the displayed work Lucy O'Brien & Duncan Shotton's Aroxa Certified Flavour Standards spells out, Kinneir Dufort's brand and packaging design for Cara Technology's range <Cropped>

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