Skate For Soft and Hard Snow:snowskate by Kari Thomsen

Kari Thomsen Presents The Snowskate Skate For Soft and Hard Snow

Kari Thomsen, the lead designer of the awarded project Kari Thomsen's Snowskate Skate for soft and hard snow demonstrates, The original Snow Skate is here presented in a quite new and functional design - in hard wood mahogany and with stainless <Cropped>

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Oled by Markus Fuerderer

Markus Fuerderer Discloses The Cube | Oled Luminaire

Markus Fuerderer, the author of the highlighted design Luminaire by Markus Fuerderer points out, Depth, Transparency and Contrast - Cubeoled interprets these fundamentals of visible light in a pure, monolithic design. 12 transparent organic light emi <Cropped>

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Young Joo Tak's Laxart Museum Transmedia Rebranding

Young Joo Tak Presents The Laxart Museum Transmedia Rebranding

Young Joo Tak, the architect of the displayed project Award Winning LAXART museum Transmedia rebranding says, LAXART is a museum that brings LA artists and artworks based on LA into one space. The new LAXART logo celebrates the life found beating thr <Cropped>

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Selle Royal Saddle Selector-Product Design

Second Phase For Further Developing Into a Real Product a Measuring Tool For The Choice of Your Saddle and a Floor-Display

Second phase for further developing into a real product a measuring tool for the choice of your saddle and a floor-display..

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Athanasia Leivaditou's Apartment in Athens Renovation

Athanasia Leivaditou Spotlights The Apartment in Athens Renovation

Athanasia Leivaditou, the creator of the highlighted design Award Winning Apartment in Athens Renovation points out, This ground floor apartment, nestled behind a mature lush garden, was completely gutted and transformed into this modern environment. <Cropped>

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Pants For Easy Dressing-Incontinence by José Lorenzo Merla Laguna

José Lorenzo Merla Laguna Designs The Ioolot-Easy Going Pants For Easy Dressing-Incontinence

José Lorenzo Merla Laguna, the author of the awarded design Award Winning ioolot - Easy Going Pants for easy dressing - incontinence points out, This mechanism its hidden and you never realize that this pants have a trick, look perfectly normal as a <Cropped>

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Sports Trophy:uefa Best Player Award by Cristian Cook

Cristian Cook Reveals The Uefa Best Player Award Sports Trophy

Cristian Cook, the maker of the award winning design Sports Trophy:UEFA Best Player award by Cristian Cook points out, This new prestigious Trophy is to celebrate the “Best Player in Europe”, awarded by top soccer federation UEFA, and was present <Cropped>

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Design Annual 2015

Graphis Design Annual 2015 Features The Most Visually Compelling Design Work of The Year, Selected From International Entries. Any Professional Is Eligible to Enter.the Deadline to Submit Entries to The Design Annual 2015 Competition Is April 15, 2014 At

Graphis design annual 2015 features the most visually compelling design work of the year, selected from international entries. any professional is eligible to enter.The deadline to submit entries to the design annual 2015 competition is april 15, 201 <Cropped>

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Red Lines's Dressup Chair

Red Lines Portrays The Dressup Chair

Red Lines, the author of the awarded project Dressup - Chair by Red Lines spells out, Dressup is more than a regular chair. It’s very functional but also modern with its different colored covers. It’s simply stable with an endless metal pipe. It <Cropped>

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Virgo-Chair by Shayne Smith

Shayne Smith Demonstrates The Virgo Chair

Shayne Smith, the maker of the highlighted design Chair:Virgo by Shayne Smith illustrates, Combining modern production techniques with traditional fabrics. I expanded on the concept of Mélange, by fusing together different techniques and mediums, na <Cropped>

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