Coffee Table/Dinning Table:air Transformable Table by Claudio Sibille

Claudio Sibille Exhibits The Air Transformable Table Coffee Table/Dinning Table

Claudio Sibille, the designer of the highlighted work Coffee table/dinning table by Claudio Sibille explains, The way it can easily go from a low coffee table into a full dinning room table or even a desk is quite interesting. The metalic pipes can b <Cropped>

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Kaos Coffe Table-Coffee Table by Steinn Sigurdsson & Stefan Ingolfsson

Steinn Sigurdsson & Stefan Ingolfsson Creates The Kaos Coffe Table Coffee Table

Steinn Sigurdsson & Stefan Ingolfsson, the architect of the displayed project Kaos Coffe Table - Coffee Table by Steinn Sigurdsson & Stefan Ingolfsson spells out, The Kaos table is unconventionally designed. The purpose of the design is to <Cropped>

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For One by Justin Silke

Justin Silke Portrays The For One Multifunctional Tableware

Justin Silke, the maker of the awarded work Multifunctional Tableware:For One by Justin Silke illustrates, One consist of plate and bowl, interlocking at each bottom. Produced individually from Bone china Porcelain to achieve desired shape and durabi <Cropped>

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Graphic Design Category: by Wu Zhonghao

Wu Zhonghao Shows The Wuzhonghao Graphic Design Category

Wu Zhonghao, the project leader of the awarded design Graphic Design Category: by Wu Zhonghao explains, To commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare posters, using Chinese cultural legacy, opera as a design element, Shakespeare put Chinese ope <Cropped>

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Daylight Spaces 2014

Until The Economic Production of Artificial Lighting Systems Daylight Was of Supreme Importance For The Utilisation of Buildings and Determining Element For Special Design. Therefore, Architectural Interventions On Existing and Historical Buildings and De

Until the economic production of artificial lighting systems daylight was of supreme importance for the utilisation of buildings and determining element for special design. therefore, architectural interventions on existing and historical buildings a <Cropped>

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Corporate Identity:twoforone Productions by Elia Pittavino

Elia Pittavino Designs The Twoforone Productions Corporate Identity

Elia Pittavino, the thinktank behind the awarded project Elia Pittavino's Twoforone Productions Corporate Identity illustrates, The brand twoforone productions is designed with specular elements, with a central hexagon that symbolizes the concep <Cropped>

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Award Winning Blue Goose Product Packaging

Sid Lee Designs The Blue Goose Product Packaging

SID LEE, the lead designer of the highlighted project SID LEE's Blue Goose Product Packaging spells out, SID LEE Toronto developed the brand identity and packaging design for Blue Goose, a Canadian-based organic and natural food company that sp <Cropped>

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Javier Olmeda Raya's Dendrone Table

Javier Olmeda Raya Shares The Dendrone Table

Javier Olmeda Raya, the project leader of the displayed work Dendrone - Table by Javier Olmeda Raya demonstrates, A coffee table isn't just for holding books and vases. Dendrone is a table in which complex geometries and digital fabrication tech <Cropped>

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Lamp-International Lighting Design Competition & Event

‘lighting Architecture Movement Project’ Is a Temporary Group Installation and Event Based in Vancouver. Decisions Based On The Design’s Integration of Theme (fibre), Use of Sustainable Material & Led Lights,  originality and Potential For Mark

‘lighting architecture movement project’ is a temporary group installation and event based in vancouver. decisions based on the design’s integration of theme (fibre), use of sustainable material & led lights, originality and potential for <Cropped>

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Award Winning Wood Stick Sofa Wooden Cushion Sofa

Jeong Kyu Park Demonstrates The Wood Stick Sofa Wooden Cushion Sofa

Jeong Kyu Park, the architect of the displayed work Wooden Cushion Sofa by Jeong Kyu Park spells out, A wooden bench and a cushion sofa are common in our lives.They have emotional warmth from the wooden material and comfortableness of cushion. But we <Cropped>

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