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Cunda Despot House

Despot House has been saved from its previous abandoned and ruined state and has taken its place in the world within the scope of 'Protection and Historical Continuity' with a new organization scheme without damaging the original texture of the historical building. It is aimed to highlight the symbolic feature of the Despot House, to be an urban focus, to discover and preserve the powerful images it contains, and to reveal the identity of the structure that remains hidden in confusion.

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The WF01 is a high performance, highly customizable wheelchair. Aiming to be a long-awaited presence like a supercar, the styling is different from conventional wheelchairs. It aims to build a new category of mobility, not just wheelchairs. By making wheelchairs, which are used by people with handicap into mobility that anyone wants to ride, the design team believe that the market can be expanded, and a more borderless world can be provided.

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Showcasing this heritage edifice as a protagonist of design remained the main principle behind this project. The 19th century building was severely damaged during WWII and later fell into disuse. Through sensitive design interventions, the building was brought back to life with a renewed purpose. As well as restoring the historic fabric in a meticulous fashion, the overall building was rehabilitated into a university campus in order to usher the site into the current age. Its industrial character is directly reflected in the exposed services and the original structural elements.

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This case is an urban renewal and renovation project. Under the background of urban renewal, the designer has carried out a comprehensive study on the history and geographical features of the textile industry in Deqing County. Inspired by the Textile. The main body of the space follows the architectural structure of the old factory building and uses the architectural symbols of the broken lines to integrate the building into the interior to form an organic unity. It is like an art gallery that exists in a box.

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No Footprint House

The NFH is developed for serial production, based on a larger toolbox of prefabricated residential typologies. A first prototype was built for a European family in the southwest of Costa Rica. They chose a two-bedroom configuration with steel structure and pine wood finishes, which was shipped to its target location on one single truck. The building is designed around a central service core in order to optimize logistical efficiency regarding assembly, maintenance and usage. The project seeks for integral sustainability in terms of its economic, environmental, social and spatial performance.

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New Hanoi Arts House

The New Hanoi Arts House reflects the murals, paintings and images of public artworks designed by Thu Thuy since 2006. Murals featuring flora and fauna are on the first two floors. Photography highlighting Thu Thuy’s past public artworks line the stairwell. A mirror room on the fifth floor, designed by Thu Thuy and Mike Savad combine graphic imagery with an iconic symbol of Vietnam. Even the outdoor balcony serves as a flower garden. Entrance is free of charge.

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