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Archaeological Museum of Hanyang Mausoleum is one of the national level Museums in China.This exhibition space exhibits various Han Dynasty pottery figurines unearthed from archaeological excavations. These cultural relics are beautifully modeled, and Wilbur Studio present them visually through the design of the exhibition form.Through unique visualization technology, multi-media interaction area, archaeological site representation and other powerful technical means, they show a variety of exquisite ceramic relics, providing new vitality for the ancient art heritage.

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Foxpat is a reusable training simulator developed to train the surgeons for Oxford Partial Knee Replacement surgery. It is a realistic simulation of a regular patient's knee, integrated with sensors to feedback on the effectiveness of the surgical procedure. With Foxpat, surgeons can individually practice multiple times before operating on a real patient. It provides a safe and realistic environment where surgeons are allowed to use actual tools that are used in the operating room and make mistakes to learn without harming a patient.

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Ancer Dynamic

Ancer, the bedsore preventing wheelchair. It focuses not only on the fluidness of its movements, but also the comfort of the patient, especially those who are using it for an extended period of time. The innovative design along with a dynamic airbag built into the seat cushion, and rotatable handle, differentiates it from the regular wheelchair. With much effort invested, the design of the wheelchair was completed and proved to help prevent bedsores. The solution and design principles are based on results collected from wheelchair users, which makes leads to an authentic user experience.

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CoDe, the Costa Design Collection, is the first museum-type cultural space on a cruise ship, created to capture the spirit of “Italian taste” through a selection of objects and furnishings, fashion items, artifacts and anecdotes. Each exhibit is intricately connected to the history of Made in Italy, a sentiment that represents the value of expertise and invention in the “Bel Paese,” making these design objects true points of reference for Italy’s global influence from the 1930s to the present.

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PowerBox Wanja

Wanja is a brand that enhances the learning skills of students. From cover designs using cube-shaped characters as graphic motifs to cube-shaped paper toy making activities, Wanja provides a consistent brand experience. The vivid colors provide a bright brand image, while paper toy making delivers an enjoyable brand experience. The four study books are designed such that a large cube shape can be shown when they are combined together. The text inside the book also makes use of square design elements to complete a consistent brand identity.

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Art Shield

The heritage preservation of a Hungarian national monument, the Vörösmarty statue was approached with a contemporary design concept. Instead of the most frequent statue conservation solutions, e.g. plastic or textile covers, a pop-up structure was created around the artwork to protect it from the damaging effect of winter weather. The classic form keeps the monument visible, inspiring for the masses of visitors in downtown Budapest during winter seasons. The installation is reusable, it can be dismantled and stored swiftly between winter seasons.

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