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CoDe, the Costa Design Collection, is the first museum-type cultural space on a cruise ship, created to capture the spirit of “Italian taste” through a selection of objects and furnishings, fashion items, artifacts and anecdotes. Each exhibit is intricately connected to the history of Made in Italy, a sentiment that represents the value of expertise and invention in the “Bel Paese,” making these design objects true points of reference for Italy’s global influence from the 1930s to the present.

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PowerBox Wanja

Wanja is a brand that enhances the learning skills of students. From cover designs using cube-shaped characters as graphic motifs to cube-shaped paper toy making activities, Wanja provides a consistent brand experience. The vivid colors provide a bright brand image, while paper toy making delivers an enjoyable brand experience. The four study books are designed such that a large cube shape can be shown when they are combined together. The text inside the book also makes use of square design elements to complete a consistent brand identity.

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Art Shield

The heritage preservation of a Hungarian national monument, the Vörösmarty statue was approached with a contemporary design concept. Instead of the most frequent statue conservation solutions, e.g. plastic or textile covers, a pop-up structure was created around the artwork to protect it from the damaging effect of winter weather. The classic form keeps the monument visible, inspiring for the masses of visitors in downtown Budapest during winter seasons. The installation is reusable, it can be dismantled and stored swiftly between winter seasons.

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Cunda Despot House

Despot House has been saved from its previous abandoned and ruined state and has taken its place in the world within the scope of 'Protection and Historical Continuity' with a new organization scheme without damaging the original texture of the historical building. It is aimed to highlight the symbolic feature of the Despot House, to be an urban focus, to discover and preserve the powerful images it contains, and to reveal the identity of the structure that remains hidden in confusion.

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The WF01 is a high performance, highly customizable wheelchair. Aiming to be a long-awaited presence like a supercar, the styling is different from conventional wheelchairs. It aims to build a new category of mobility, not just wheelchairs. By making wheelchairs, which are used by people with handicap into mobility that anyone wants to ride, the design team believe that the market can be expanded, and a more borderless world can be provided.

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Showcasing this heritage edifice as a protagonist of design remained the main principle behind this project. The 19th century building was severely damaged during WWII and later fell into disuse. Through sensitive design interventions, the building was brought back to life with a renewed purpose. As well as restoring the historic fabric in a meticulous fashion, the overall building was rehabilitated into a university campus in order to usher the site into the current age. Its industrial character is directly reflected in the exposed services and the original structural elements.

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