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Special sintered bricks were glazed and re-fired, then laid to build this kiln-shaped installation at this street corner to save it from random parking. An old brick masonry technique of corbel dome is also used in building this structure. With light passing through the holes on the kiln body at night, it looks as if thousand year old kiln fire had added a layer of shiny gloss to the outside enamel that freezes a moment of flambé glaze on site that reminds the locals of their long history of firing Celedon pottery.

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Mar Mediterraneo 34

Mar Mediterraneo 34 emerges as a strategy to give a second life to an eclectic style house in advance deterioration built in 1910. Multiple artistic and artisanal elements were recovered from the main facade. The main patio is reconstructed as a reinterpretation of the past, portraying the arrangement of the old portals as a sequence of light and shadow, these openings rise intermittently in double height from a volcanic stone baseboard and become a solid element of introspective architecture. The restored house has 3 levels with 7 apartments that adapt to different spaces.

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They used a natural method of compost. They found that earthworms, as a common creature on the earth, are not only friends of crops, but also friends of humans. Life practice shows that vermicomposting is a kind of green composting method: earthworms convert food residues into agricultural fertilizer through their esophagus. This method of recycling reduces the additional cost of garbage collection, storage and transportation, and also makes food waste disposal easier.

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Polonceau Railway Carriage

The installation combines a rare carriage named after a French engineer Camille Polonceau with a multi-screen video wall moving along. The video demonstrates inner space of a private premium carriage used by prominent Soviet officials. Historically accurate shooting is combined with CGI. Video content is accurately synchronized with video wall movement, so that a physical carriage standing next to a visitor a provides a glance at one of historical episodes that may have happened inside.

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Santa Caterina

The convent of Santa Caterina is a restricted historical area, located in the heart of Treviso, which had many critics, both functional and structural. The project was divided into three phases, which have led to a new system of access and enjoyment of the entire complex, through different strategies: the inclusion of services to support international exhibitions, the reorganization of museum itineraries, the rearrangement of some wings according to the box in box principle, the restoration of fine parts, the reopening of the underground hall and the redefinition of the entrance volume.

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Kuss are sound absorption panels designed to bring calmness into homes, open offices and any other public spaces by absorbing the excessive noise. Panels are made out of ecological and non-toxic composite by using organic rich lake sediments, sapropel as a binder, mixed with natural fibres. The extraction of sapropel helps to improve the quality of freshwater resources and lake ecosystems. By using the extracted sapropel in design production, both the noisy city environment and the ecosystem of a lake are improved.

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