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Hanoi Mirror House

Recently, the Mirror House is changed to a fascinate ceramic mosaic tiles seascape in Hanoi’s Reunion Park . Tremendous sea murals is capturing the World famous Ha Long Bay and Truong Sa waves cover the entire exterior of the house. The interior takes the visitor on a magical undersea journey showcasing sea life using 3D mosaic murals with more than 50 mirrors adding delight for everybody. The snail shape of the house provides a unique setting for exploring the magic and beauty of sea.

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SOLVE design studio presents its capsule collection Omdanne which includes three pieces of clothing that can transform into over 10 styles each, from jumpsuits and dresses, to trousers and jackets. Moreover, all three pieces are 100% biodegradable if buried in the soil. Looking to discourage excessive consumption, the collection makes use of natural, renewable resources, product life-cycle tractability and powerful magnets to create a sustainable design of multi-functional and biodegradable clothing.

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Natural Composite Pillar

The prototype is one of the largest 3D printed biological artifacts today, created using a novel sustainable manufacturing technology deploying exclusively natural materials: Cellulose, which is the most abundant biomaterial on earth, associated with plant matter, and Chitin, a biomolecule extracted from the exoskeleton of insects and arthropods. The physical and mechanical material properties are in the range of high-density synthetic foams and low-density timbers. The artifact is based on renewable sources, widely available in nearly every ecosystem and naturally biodegradable.

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Tokyo Sento Project

Creating a community based in sustainable SENTO. 1. Management of WEB media connecting young people and public baths. 2. Management of SENTO as experiment site to provide SENTO for one of the occupation. 3. Connect SENTO to companies as media that advertisement and event places. 4. Make an environment in which new companies, occupations and organizations that related SENTO are established. Through these activities, we have made the SENTO which was a declining industry a necessity for the present society.

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Lisbon Under Stars

Lisbon Under Stars was a multidisciplinary experience, which gathered multimedia projections, virtual dancers and visual effects to the sounds of Portuguese music. Several Portuguese artists were presented in one coherent work: dancers, singers, urban artists, painters and multimedia artists. The immersive show was presented at the Ruins of Carmo Church, Portuguese heritage site, providing a new way of experiencing the history of more than 600 years of Lisbon and Portugal. The Church was addressing the audience and narrating the story, making the audience feel at the center of the story.

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Created for the over 100 million fishermen who don't have resources for equipment. Bermuda is a low cost seawater purifier. Its design is based on the Bermuda triangle , from which its shape derives, this triangle shape is also necessary for the purifier's efficiency. It's inflatable body can be used as a lifesaver. Its lines, textures and colors are soft and friendly to convey a sense of hope in the user and generates a state of alert, that in conjunction with good hydration increases the chances of being saved. In addition, due to its materials and technology can be produced at a low cost.

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