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Klaimber, a person lifting device, is designed to be piece of furniture at home, fusing Scandinavian design with a patented lifting mechanism cleverly hidden in the chair's construct. By its design, Klaimber also works as a regular chair: it becomes an assistive device only when needed, not taking extra space at home or looking like a utilitarian product, which was the design objective.

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Tour is a crutch designed to help users by providing a better forces distribution among the forearm and wrist, giving more support to stand up and sit, and letting the hand free to interact with objects around it. An intuitive, low-cost gyratory system allows shifting the angle between the handle and the forearm support and the rod. The same rotation also serves as assistance to stand up, reducing the effort needed. A band around the forearm complements the system giving the person freedom to hug, open doors, and interact with other objects without the crutch falling.

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Pandaid is a website dedicated to protecting lives from pandemics. It is co-edited by volunteers, including doctors, editors, and more. The editorial emphasis goes towards providing scientific facts in ways that are easy to understand and to implement. As part of the project, there're other developments, a face shield to prevent splashes, signage to protect social distance humorously, and posters to communicate its importance.

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Mardin Cevzat Kasri

The project aims to bring two old but precious stone buildings back into life and functionalise them as an ecelogical hotel. Buildings which were originally built as residences are connected to each other by a road covered with vineyards and pomegranate trees all around, making the place a resort situated in nature. Once implemented, the project is sure to add value to the neighbourhood and the city.

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Briiv is a new take on the air purifier. Using renewable and natural materials to filter the air in your home or office environment, briiv creates clean, safe, breathable air via an innovative filter system. briiv’s filters of moss, coconut husk and a silk-carbon matrix perform as effectively as an air purifier of the same low-power class. The filter media are compostable and briiv connects to smart home applications for control and to monitor usage for replacement filters.

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Mind Without Borders

Mind without borders designed for children's health and care during the spread of an epidemic, integrates regular return health information, family and friends messages, secure and anonymous communication with children from all over the world, experiences the pleasure of writing letters and waiting to receive them, and reduces anxiety.

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