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Lisbon Under Stars

Lisbon Under Stars was a multidisciplinary experience, which gathered multimedia projections, virtual dancers and visual effects to the sounds of Portuguese music. Several Portuguese artists were presented in one coherent work: dancers, singers, urban artists, painters and multimedia artists. The immersive show was presented at the Ruins of Carmo Church, Portuguese heritage site, providing a new way of experiencing the history of more than 600 years of Lisbon and Portugal. The Church was addressing the audience and narrating the story, making the audience feel at the center of the story.

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Created for the over 100 million fishermen who don't have resources for equipment. Bermuda is a low cost seawater purifier. Its design is based on the Bermuda triangle , from which its shape derives, this triangle shape is also necessary for the purifier's efficiency. It's inflatable body can be used as a lifesaver. Its lines, textures and colors are soft and friendly to convey a sense of hope in the user and generates a state of alert, that in conjunction with good hydration increases the chances of being saved. In addition, due to its materials and technology can be produced at a low cost.

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Bariatric Project

The Bariatric Project challenges conventional aesthetic of medical devices by a sporty design, hiding technical details, reducing the impact of outsized proportions, reshaping the silhouette of the user by the wheelchair. Invacare believes in motivating overweight people to stay physically active and promoting a better quality of life. Providing a self confidence and self esteem for overweight people, reducing stigmatization and giving a sense of autonomy with key features of an active product.

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IT History Hall

Her design is the first cultural experience linking modern day cyber security and information protection in Ancient Egypt. All the artefacts and symbols in this cultural museum were researched and authenticated by an Egyptologist and cyber security professional. The project was designed to take the visitor on journey back in time to not only learn but live the story. The layout, materials and lighting as well as products, artefacts and symbols were carefully designed to enhance the mystique feel. The space is multi purpose equipped to be used for various corporate events and activities.

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Zhongping Road

Fuzhou, a well-developed shipping city, is also the gateway to the Maritime Silk Road. As a result, in the Republic of China, it brought prosperity to southeast China. Just like today's protagonist - Zhongping Road. Frankly, it is a landmark which stands for the communication between history and present.

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Chem Tokens

Chem Tokens is a fun and innovative new way of learning chemistry, which is usually the most difficult subject for pupils to understand. This tool allows students to physically interact with atoms and molecules in the form of Tokens; to have a visual representation of what the numbers on the periodical table mean, and how these elements connect. By using the linked app students can scan each Token and see how the element looks using augmented reality. Chem Tokens help students become acquainted with the principals of chemistry and the app provides a safe way to conduct experiments.

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