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Tactile supports for wayfinding

The bachelor thesis (ISIA Urbino, supervisor: Luciano Perondi) investigates the problem of accessibility within the graphical representation of space and takes the form of a tactile artefact accessible to the blind and visually impaired. The goal is to make the geography of an area available both in economic as well as content terms, thanks to the combination of a low-cost printing technique and a specific representative approach. The project consists of a set of tactile maps and a research programme that documents the design process and the first phase of testing with blind people.

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Bamirla stands for the Hungarian Bátor Tábor which is a camp for children with cancer or other chronic illness. The aim of this design is to transmit the atmosphere of the camp to the users with the rounded, playful shapes, use of colors and the character of arts and crafts. The decorations refer to the camp and they are based on the following three ideas: the logo of the camp, the children accommodations and the graphics of the houses. The tableware is tend to support the healthy eating habits so they are adopted to the eat-less-more-often practice in their dimensions.

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Fundamentals Range

The Fundamentals remanufactured clothing range and accompanying wholly transparent system unlocks the latent qualities of undervalued resources. The impetus for this work was the devastating effects of the current linear, 20th century ‘take, make, waste’ fashion system which is the 2nd most polluting industry on the planet. This design system provides a solution to utilize textile and clothing waste through a comprehensive design strategy which includes remanufacturing processes and 3 upcycling techniques; conjoined, spliced and pieced; which could be applied to any given garment.

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Ullastret 250BC

The Iberian settlement of the Ullastret (Baix Empordà) is considered to be the largest Iberian town from that period in Catalonia. The 3D Ullastret project is characterised by the scientific rigor of its archaeological aspect and by the optimal realism of its visual presentation. Now thanks to the new technologies and the virtual reality and the immersive room of the museum, the audience can walk through the streets and inside the houses. This installation transports the user to 250 BC in a totally immersive and interactive way.

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Sleek and subtle are words that best describe Textura. Its goal, an experience creator, a quiet assistant that remains hidden and that catches glances only when showing its curious qualities. When the phone is off, the screen remains smooth, it is until a message arrives or the phone is turned on that the moveable pins press against the flexible membrane to create braille outputs. By this, it is possible to simulate a touch screen that doesn't need sight.

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Mylos Etik

ABB renews its commitment to sustainable design and technology introducing a new cutting edge material in the Italian switch assortment Mylos: bioplastic. Natural are the material, the manufacturing process and the colors that also allow a full recyclability. Clean lines, simplification of details and two new matt colors that provides two matt total look, black and white, thanks to the perfect aesthetic and functional integration with the current Mylos switch assortment.

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