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Urban renewal of Crecchio Old Town

The architectural language chosen seeks to create a union between uniqueness of spaces and objects designed and a strict and rigid simplification of the new lines and new surfaces in the project. All this for to try to achieve a harmony between the new and the existing, not to prevail from a stylistic point of view the first to the second. The restoration and innovation of public spaces in an old town through use and reuse of traditional materials with a contemporary design. The transformation of existing elements in new objects with different functions. Chromatic harmony in the place.

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Holodomor Mobile Classroom

To educate students about the Ukrainian Genocide, Forge helped to transform a bus into a traveling classroom, employing 32 iPads, a MacPro server, two custom-built iPad apps, and an interactive presentation that plays on a giant 24-ft display. The immersive digital classroom experience creates opportunities for students to investigate, discover, discuss and reflect. Seamlessly stitching together a series of diverse technologies and content, the result was a cohesive platform with which the Holodomor National Awareness Tour could impart a powerful lesson to students across North America.

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LIFI is an active ecological packaging with herb seeds. The package itself is made out of processed fallen tree leaves, collected in the forests of Lithuania. The hand made package is filled with seeds and a cover is formed. When a user opens and waters the product, packaging starts to dissolve and helps the plant to grow. This product is an alternative to the in-store found herbs, which are often plastic packaged. It can be reused many times or just thrown away. A graphic representation of herb is used on the labels combined with the hand written fonts to create a personalized feeling.

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Stay Sixty

By refilling a Stay Sixty bottle you help rid the planet of wasteful and energy consuming plastic bottles. The double-walled design keeps drinks fresh. Fill with water, smoothies, protein drinks, coffee or tea. The unique removable base aids cleaning and filling. Easily fill with ice cubes, fruit, powder drinks or smoothies. The Stay Sixty bottle with removable base is easy to keep clean and hygienic. Other bottles on the market without this feature become a breeding ground for bacteria and need to be replaced. Your body should stay 60% hydrated, let's keep it that way.

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Radio Zablocie

Website "Attuned to Zablocie" and mural "Radiomural" is a social project aimed at popularizing the cultural and industrial heritage of district Zablocie – a postindustrial and creative part of Krakow, Poland. Website and mural in a form of old radio receiver; an interactive transposition of a retro-radio-receiver's desktop. Retro radio can be regarded as a symbol of the old, industrial district Zablocie, that is famous for the production of "Unitra" radio components in Poland in a communist era. The letters on mural will glow at night.

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Coin Collection

The Coin Collection Program launched by HKMA is a creative solution based on the concept of a mobile bank at your doorstep. Two coin collection carts remodeled from 10-tonnes vehicles equipped with coin counting machines were created by Oval Design to provide coin exchange services to the public free of charge. This is the first of its kinds in the world. The project promotes environmental friendliness through encouraging the public to channel back coins to the circulation system, and incorporates elements of CSR as citizens can donate small change to charity.

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